CBSE Classes 12th sample papers

CBSE Classes 12th sample papers

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE )Patrachar is inviting applications for admission to class 10 and class 12 for the session 2018-2019. CBSE Patrachar is an open school of learning which provides direct admission in class 10th and class 12th. We provide complete study material and at the time of examination we provide test series, extra classes and special classes for weak students.

Students can choose the subject according to their field and the subjects in which the one is interested.

There are different types of fields for the students of class 12th.

Science stream: while taking the science as a subject we have to choose between maths and biology.

Subjects regarding the biology are physics, chemistry and biology math with at least one language in option or at most two language from Punjabi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi, English, health and physical education.

Subjects regarding the math are physics, chemistry and math with at least one language in option or At most two language from Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Urdu, Punjabi and health and physical education.

Commerce: commerce is taken by the students who are willing to become c.a. or accountant or other fields, subjects regarding commerce are accounts, business studies, economics, math, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit, health and physical education. Students can take any language in option with the three subjects.

Art: subjects regarding art are history, sociology, homescience, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, health education, physical education, geography, political science etc.

Students would have to complete their 10th class and have one year gap between that. Students have no need to submit any transfer certificate or any leaving certification to take admission in patrachar. Patrachar works for those who need better guidance to shape up their career.

The main aim of patrachar is to change the set mind of parents who thinks that only the CBSE regular institution can teach best and the institution who take extra fee for different activities guide better than that of us. The successful result of patrachar proves that the education only needs the straight forward hard work. Success needs the guidance in a correct manner which is provided by the CBSE Patrachar Institute

We have highest success rate in clearing Patrachar Exams due to dedicated team of professionals, Good Environment, Personalized assistance and affordable fee.

Course Subject Offered Scheme of Studies
Secondary Group-A
Hindi(201), English(202), Bengali(203), Marathi(204), Telugu(205), Urdu(206), Gujarati(207), Kannada(208), Sanskrit(209), Punjabi(210), Assamese (228),Nepali(231), Malayalam(232), Oriya(233), Arabic (235),Persian (236), Tamil (237)
*Mathematics(211),*Science and Technology(212), Social Science(213), Economics(214), Business Studies(215), *Home Science(216), *Data Entry Operation(E)(229), Psychology (222), Indian Culture & Heritage (223), *Painting (225),*Data Entry Operations (229)
  • Five Subjects with atleast one language or atmost two languages.
  • Minimum of five subjects.
  • Two additional subject can also be taken.
  • The Learners are however advised to select the subjects as per their future plan of study and work.