12th fail save year

12th fail
June 13, 2019
10th fail save year
June 14, 2019

12th fail save year

12th Fail Can do Graduation

Failing in 12th standard is not the end of the world! But many Indian parents and students think so! Come on, just getting schooled is not enough! To excel in life, skills are required the most, not schooling! One shouldn’t be disheartened upon failing in 12th standard. One may apply for rewriting the exams or move on with some new courses. Here, I’ll share with you some good courses for such 12th failed students. These courses will ensure that you have a good career. I’m only listing the few ones that I’ve hand-picked.

There are numerous areas which can provide the right job with short-term courses. For working in corporate or government agencies which require a finance management team thesecourses can be helpful. Financial planning and wealth management advisory role can be helpful for starting an individual consultancy firm or working with an agency. There are numerous other jobs in the banking sector such as bank tellers, accountants, management, software management and insurance advisers. Further, managing taxes, accounts, working within a stock agency can also be the options for the student to pursue a career in. It has been seen that having a degree in hand in the short term courses can also open global job market for the skilled and talented student.

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